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Family Campaign UTEP

 Jessica Hanna

Supporting a Campus That Gives Back to Its Students

Jessica Hanna started working as a coordinator for the Miner Athlete Academic Center (MAAC) in 2013. Excited to make an impact in the lives of students, she joined the UTEP Family Campaign. The Campaign is made up of UTEP faculty and staff who give back to the University. Hanna is enthusiastic about helping and believes her contributions, along with those of others, help students and programs across campus receive the funding they need to succeed.
As a student, Jessica experienced firsthand the impact that these funds have in helping students further their college career. Hanna relied on small scholarships to purchase books, supplies and to participate in academic activities. “Sometimes students just need an extra $50 or $100 to cover conference fees or academic extracurricular fees. Our monthly contributions are minimal compared to the benefits and experience those activities provide students while they prepare to be successful professionals.” Jessica now hopes that with her contribution she can make a difference helping a student buy a book, or go on a study abroad trip that will make a difference in the future, as it did for her.
“When it comes to contributing to a student’s education, anything helps.”


Family Campaign UTEP

Jesus Licona

Supporting Excellence in Education and the Future of Our Community

UTEP alumnus Jesus Licona, made his first gift to the UTEP Family Campaign in 2012 with the goal of impacting the quality of life on campus by choosing to donate to the Campus Transformation Project. Today, as Assistant Director in the Facilities Services Department, he enjoys contemplating the Centennial Plaza and its surroundings, and is proud to work for his alma mater where he is in charge of providing a safe and pristine campus environment to our students.
“It is important to support UTEP and its goals. I am pleased to say that my contributions to the growth of this university will also help in the economic progress of the Paso del Norte Region.”


Eva Mora

Dr. Eva M. Moya

Giving to the Greatest Return

Dr. Moya, an Assistant Professor of Social Work, made her first gift to UTEP in 2001.
Today, through the UTEP Family Campaign, Dr. Moya is giving to the College of Health Sciences because she understands the importance of health related education and the research done by UTEP Health Sciences faculty and students.
“It is important for us, as a community, to invest in what will give us the greatest return: education. Our greatest strength is our human capital. We must grow it and care for UTEP to strengthen it more. It is the right thing to do!”


Tim Floyd

Giving Back to Create More Opportunities for Others

From 1978 to 1986, Tim Floyd served as an assistant coach to Hall-of-Famer, Don Haskins.
After this remarkable start in college basketball, he went on to coach several teams in both Division One college basketball and the NBA, before returning 30 years later to UTEP, the place he calls home. Today, through the UTEP Family Campaign, Coach Tim Floyd is giving back to the University that he says gave him his first chance at doing what he loves. "UTEP has given me so much, it seems only right for me to give back. It is important to give others the same chances you had. That's why I give."



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