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UTEP Our Donors Sara T. Baca

Sarah T. Baca 

El Paso native Sarah T. Baca is making and impact in the lives of UTEP students with her monthly gifts to the Environmental Science Program Fund. Read more >>





UTEP Our Donors Felix ValenzuelaFelix Valenzuela 

Felix Valenzuela made his first gift to The University of Texas at El Paso in 2011 with the goal of helping to transform students’ lives by positively impacting their personal path of discovery and learning. Read more >>





UTEP Our Donors Barbara and Barry ColemanBarry and Barbara Coleman

Through their work, Barry and Barbara recognized a need to help bring more pharmacists to the area. In pursuing this goal, Barry started conversations with UTEP administrators and faculty and participated in Read more >>





Dr. Catalina GarciaDr. Catalina Esperanza Garcia

"It really broadens your mind when you work in another country and see how other people live. Those experiences provide important lessons on how to interact as helpers and physicians to other cultures, so that they can learn about us and we can learn about them.” Read more >>





Tom ChismTom Chism

Tom Chism Memorial Scholarship

Chism died at age 84 on Feb. 9, 2013, after a yearlong struggle with cancer; yet, his legacy will continue to make a difference in the lives of students at UTEP. The Tom Chism Memorial Endowed Scholarship will benefit students in UTEP’s School of Nursing. Read more >>




Jo and Dr. Haskell Monroe, Jr.Jo and Dr. Haskell Monroe, Jr.

Haskell Monroe is an educator, administrator and lover of history. As President of UTEP between 1980 and 1987, he helped shape the future direction of the school while also teaching a freshman history class, one of the most well-attended on campus. Read more >>




Wilma SalzmanWilma Salzman

Seeing students excel

When Wilma Salzman contributes to a scholarship in the UTEP Department of Music, she experiences an immediate benefit. “When I give, I get to see a student’s performance—to feel and hear it first hand— and this tells me they are more than worth the investment.” Salzman said. Read more >>




Joyce JaffeeJoyce Jaffee

Helping Nurses Excel

“Education was always so important to my husband and to my children,” Joyce said. “And when my husband was being treated at MD Anderson, I saw how important good nurses are in the care of patients.” Read more >>




Clifton WalshClifton Walsh

UTEP Staff Supporting Future Generation's of Students

Chief Walsh is giving back to UTEP because he believes that, like safety, giving is a united effort. "You never know who you could be helping with your gift; it could be the next great engineer, or someone who finds a cure for cancer, or even the next president. That's exciting to think about." Read more >>



Amy Provencio Gamboa

Establishing a Scholarship in her Honor

Her commitment to education inspired her children – Joe Henry Gamboa, Dolores Gamboa, Connie Gamboa, Carlos Gamboa, Robert Gamboa and Teresa Gamboa Childs – to establish the Amy Provencio Gamboa Endowed Scholarship in spring 2014. The scholarship supports UTEP students in the colleges of Education and Health Sciences...Read more >>



Charles Ambler

Supporting the University Library

The UTEP Library is an extraordinary resource for both teaching and research that addresses the University’s international mission. As a specialist in African and imperial history, I am continually amazed by the array of materials that are available. Read more>>



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