Dr. Maceo C. Dailey Student Support Fund

UTEP Dr. Maceo Dailey

His legacy continues to inspire us and the many students whose lives he impacted.

Throughout his career at UTEP, Dr. Dailey continually sought out efforts to help provide students with financial support toward the areas they needed to academically succeed. His long-term plan was to create a student support fund that could provide ongoing assistance to students. Today we ask you to join us by making a gift and turning Dr. Dailey’s vision into a reality. Please help contribute to the Dr. Maceo C. Dailey Student Support Fund. Your gift will help to continue Dr. Dailey's legacy and commitment to students in the areas of:
• Emergency tuition assistance
• Financial assistance for academic enrichment opportunities
• Funding for research opportunities

Dr. Maceo Dailey founded the African-American Studies Program at UTEP in 1996 and acted as its first director. He was a friend and mentor to many of his students and colleagues, as well as a nationally recognized scholar and teacher. He was the author of numerous studies of African-American leaders, such as Emmett Jay Scott, Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B. Du Bois.

To commemorate his legacy and commitment to students, the UTEP Black Alumni Network (UBAN), the College of Liberal Arts, Office of Alumni Relations and UTEP Alumni Association will continue to honor Dr. Dailey’s wishes by creating a fund that will provide students with the lasting legacy of education.

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