Current Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships provide students with funding for tuition, fees and other costs related to academics. An endowed scholarship can be established for a minimum of $25,000, which creates a partial scholarship.

A. Oliver Grant Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Adalaide M. and Alfred A. Ratner Excellence Award in Special Education
Adolph Coors Company Endowed Scholarship for Teachers 
Albert S. Holbert Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Alfred Torres, Jr. Endowed Scholarship 
Allen and Clare Sayles Endowed Scholarship 
Allien and Paul C. Davidson Scholarship Fund for The University of Texas at El Paso
Alumni Association of UTEP Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Amy Provencio Gamboa Endowed Scholarship 
Andrew Hu Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Andrew R. Guevara Family Scholarship Endowment 
Andy and Syd Cohen Endowment Fund 
Ann and Alvin J. Marks Scholarship Fund 
Anna M. Littleton Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Anne and Roland W. Claudius Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Arleigh B. Templeton Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Artemio de la Vega Memorial Scholarship Fund 
AT&T Scholarship Fund 
B. Marshall and Barbara H. Willis Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Baeza Endowed Scholarship 
Belding-de Wetter Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Ben L. Jirou Scholarship in Scientific Research 
Bernard S. and Judith Lauterbach Scholarship in Accounting 
Bernice Dittmer Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund 
Betty Jo Graham Endowed Scholarship 
Bhutanese Culture Endowed Scholarship 
Bill and Jo Siedhoff Staff Scholarship Endowment 
Billie W. Etheridge Debate Scholarship Endowment 
Black Jack Pershing Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Bobby Joe Hill Endowed Scholarship 
Bothwell Rho Sigma Tau Presidential Scholarship 
Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation Endowed Student-Athlete Scholarship
Brumbelow-Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Bulah Liles Patterson Memorial Presidential Scholarship Fund 
C. H. Gladman Scholarship Fund 
C. L. Sonnichsen English Department Endowed Scholarship Fund 
C. Sharp Cook Graduate Scholarship Fund 
C.D. Jarvis Tribute Scholarship Fund 
Carl A. Beers Memorial Presidential Scholarship Fund 
Carlos L. Perez Endowed Scholarship 
Carolina Flores Morales Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Catherine Crowell Belk Art Scholarship Fund 
Charles E. Hershberger Endowed Scholarship 
Circle K-Sunworld Foundation Scholarship Fund 
Coca-Cola Challenge/UTEP Alumni Scholarship Fund 
Coors Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund 
D. B. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Daniel L. Hill, Jr. Scholarship 
David and Guille Lindau Endowed Scholarship 
David Waddell Schillinger Scholarship 
Davidson Family Charitable Foundation Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund
Davis and Bertha Green Scholarship Fund 
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International-Eta Kappa Chapter Scholarship Fund
Department of Accounting Endowed Scholarship 
Dexter R. Mapel, Jr. and Grace Miller Mapel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Diana S. Natalicio Endowed Scholarship for Future Teachers 
Dorothy J. Lovett Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Dr. and Mrs. Haskell Monroe Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. Eileen M. Jacobi Scholarship Fund 
Dr. Gavin G. Gregory Endowed Scholarship 
Dr. Gilbert A. Castro Endowed Scholarship 
Dr. Gladys Gregory/Zeta Tau Alpha Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Dr. J. James Rohack Endowed Scholarship 
Dr. J. M. Roth Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Dr. James K.P. Mortensen Endowed Scholarship in English and American Literature
Dr. Jim Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Dr. Joe S. Galatzan Memorial Scholarship 
Dr. Michael L. Finerty Scholarship Fund 
Dr. Mimi R. Gladstein Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Dr. Morton H. and Judith Leonard/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship for Physical Therapy
Dr. R. Milton Leech Endowed Fund for Drama 
Dr. W. Turrentine Jackson History Fund 
Dr. Walter R. Roser Memorial Scholarship 
Edgar Jimenez/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Edward J. and Tomasita G. Jaramillo Memorial Scholarship Endowment
El Paso Administrators' Association Endowed Scholarship Fund 
El Paso American Board of Trial Advocates Endowed Scholarship
El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame Fund 
El Paso Chapter - Data Processing Management Association Scholarship Fund
El Paso Hispanic Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Elaine J. Mortensen Endowed Scholarship 
Elayne and Julian Bernat Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund
Elayne P. Bernat Memorial Endowed Scholarship In Nursing 
Elizabeth Grob Health Professionals Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Ella Kate and Wallace Ralston Nursing Students Scholarship Fund
Ellis Mayfield Family Presidential Scholarship Fund 
Elsa M. Kiely Endowed Scholarship 
Emil Jay Dittmer Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Ernest R. Kastl Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Esther and Louis Benson Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Esther W. Washington Scholarship in Nursing 
Eta Kappa Nu Endowed Scholarship 
Everett F. and Thelma Morris Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Felix Laidlaw Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Florence Morgan Endowed Scholarship 
Forrest K. Jackson Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Frank Munoz, R.Ph., and Matilde Munoz Quiroz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred G. Lindau Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Engineering 
Frederick James Crouch Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Freedom Forum Endowed Hispanic Scholarship Fund for Journalism Students
G. Douglas Meyers Endowed Scholarship Fund 
George Chriss Endowed Scholarship Fund 
George Fred and Mabel Hardy Scholarship Fund 
George G. Matkin Endowed Scholarship Fund 
George Hervey Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Georgie K. Schwartz Endowed Scholarship in Social Work 
Gerald Lamar Boykin Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund 
Gerald R. Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Music 
Gordon B. Okum Endowed Drama Scholarship 
Grace Ann Beal Permanent Memorial Fund 
Greater Texas Foundation Removing Educational Barriers Endowed Scholarship
Guardian Angel Family Services Center Endowed Scholarship 
Hannah Atkin Spitz Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Hazel Cooper Haynsworth/Coca-Cola Presidential Scholarship Fund
Hedwig Mathias and Maurice Schwartz Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Helen O'Shea Keleher Memorial Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund
Henry and Mabel Ng Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Herbert and Harriet Rolph Endowed Scholarship 
Herbert K. Heasley/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Hildie Seeberg Becker Endowed Scholarship 
Horwitz Endowment Fund 
Houston Endowment, Inc. Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund
Huitt-Zollars Endowed Scholarship for the College of Engineering
Ignacio and Laurencia Tinoco Scholarship Endowment for the College of Engineering
Ignacio and Laurencia Tinoco Scholarship Endowment for the College of Science
Ignacio Urrabazo, Jr. and Yolanda Urrabazo Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ingeborg Heuser Endowed Scholarship 
International Mining Days Scholarship Fund 
Irena Grabowska Kruszewska Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
J C Penney Company Inc. Endowed Scholarship Fund 
J. Ernest and Elizabeth Rouse Sipes Endowed Scholarship 
J. Leighton and Virginia Green Endowed Scholarship Fund for Health-Related Professionals
J.S. Armijo-Steinmetz Scholarship Fund in Metallurgical Engineering
Jack Eisenberg/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship Fund 
James A. ("Jack") Cardwell Endowed Scholarship 
James and Trula Abernathy Endowed Enhancement Fund for the Office of Disabled Students
James D. DeGroat Memorial Presidential Scholarship Fund 
James M. Maurice Memorial Metallurgical Engineering Scholarship
Jane Weinert Blumberg University Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Jean F. Smith and Karen Jean Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Jeanne M. French and Dorothy Stephenson Haslett/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jeanne M. French/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Jesse H. Jones and Mary Gibbs Jones Endowment Fund for Scholarships in Liberal Arts
Jim Barnes - Greater Texas Foundation Removing Educational Barriers Endowed Scholarship
Jimmy Rogers, Jr. Endowed Football Scholarship 
Joel D. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund 
John and Helen Green Endowed Scholarship 
John and Vida White Endowment Fund 
John C. Birkhead and Dick Shinaut Memorial Scholarship in Kinesiology or Sports Studies
John G. and Sue E. Comer Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund 
John G. Lapham III Endowed Scholarship 
John H. and Mildred M. Imming Endowed Scholarship Fund 
John Judy & Winifred McVey Middagh Endowed Scholarship 
John M. and Mary C. Green Endowed Scholarship 
Jonathan D. and Ethel M. Schwartz Football Scholarship Fund 
Josefina Villamil Tinajero Endowed Scholarship 
Josephine Clardy Fox Scholarship 
Juan Felipe Cordova Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Juan M. and Patricia Villalobos - Greater Texas Foundation Removing Educational Barriers Endowed Scholarship
Juana Serna Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Juarez Chapter of the UTEP Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Judge Enrique H. Pena Endowed Scholarship 
Judge Ernest Guinn and Mary Vance Guinn Criminal Justice Scholarship Fund
Judith K. Solis Memorial Scholarship 
Julia Ann Ross Memorial Scholarship 
Kathleen Bruce Endowed Scholarship 
Kenneth P. Gifford Memorial Scholarship Fund 
L. Marcus Fry Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Lanward Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund in Honor of Nesa Azar
Laura Beard and Sarah Reiser Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Laurence E. Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Lawrence "Larry" and Katsuko "Kitty" Huntley Endowed Scholarship
Lil Blum Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund 
Lindsay Marie Parker Tall Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Lola B. Dawkins Fund for Excellence in Business Administration
Louise E. Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Louise Maxon Rea Endowed Scholarship 
Lower Valley Woman's Club Endowed Scholarship 
Lt. Raul E. Pacillas Endowed Scholarship 
Lucille T. Stevens Estate Fund 
Lucy Claire Hoard Scholarship Fund 
Lydia Stark Memorial Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology
M. Jayne and Elinor Morrison Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund
M.S. and Meek Lane Doss Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Magdalena Salgado Carroll Endowed Scholarship Fund for Future Teachers
Mansour and James Farah Memorial Fund 
Manuel Acosta Memorial Art Scholarship 
Margaret Jean Abernethy Scholarship Fund 
Marilyn Moore Cromeans Endowed Scholarship 
Marshall G. Mustain Scholarship 
Martha M. McDonald/Rainbo Baking Scholarship Fund 
Mary Frances and Hunter Akard Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Mary L. Fisk Endowed Fund 
Mary Misiewicz Sadowski Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Matthew and Wanda Diethelm/Coca-Cola Endowed Scholarship Fund
Medallion Endowed Scholarship 
Melissa Wehmann Sewell Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Micaela A. Sosa-Valerio Endowed Scholarship for Excellence 
Miguel A. Herrera Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Mike and Leticia Loya Scholarship Endowment 
Milan David Pacillas Memorial Endowed Football Scholarship 
Mimi R. Gladstein Endowed Scholarship in Theatre 
Myer Erlich Memorial Basketball Scholarship Fund 
NewTEC Endowed Scholarship in Engineering 
Noble "Sarge" Ferguson Endowed Fund 
Oscar F. Casavantes Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Patrick David Kirkland Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Patrick H. DeWitt Memorial Presidential Scholarship Fund 
Percival Henderson Gift for Engineering Division 
Philip C. Holt Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Philip J. Gallagher Endowed Scholarship 
Philip R. Martinez Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Phoebe and Reuben Mutnick Scholarship Fund 
Presidential Scholarship Program 
Prieto Endowed Scholarship 
Professor Vladik A. (Chuck) Miculka- Greater Texas Foundation Removing Educational Barriers Endowed Scholarship
R. C. Morgan Scholarship Fund 
R. Paul and Patricia Daw Yetter Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Rainbo Baking/Anheuser-Busch Scholarship Fund 
Rapisand Family Endowed Scholarship 
Reese Rowling Endowed Fund for Geology 
Reverend Charles C. G. Manker Memorial Fund 
Richard and Lollie Yetter Endowed Scholarship 
Richard and Ruth Gerwels Endowed Scholarship for Nursing 
Richard E. Dunlap Memorial Fund 
Richard E. Van Reet, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Richard W. and Frances M. Mithoff Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Riley Family Endowed Scholarship For Excellence 
Rintelen/Ehrlinger Metallurgical Engineering Scholarship 
Robert and Sally Cave Endowed Scholarship 
Robert C. Heasley Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration
Robert E. Kolliner Memorial Fund 
Robert Rubio Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Roderick Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Ron Harvey Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Ronald F. Challman Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science
Rotary Club of Northeast El Paso Endowed Scholarship 
Rotary Club of Northeast El Paso Presidential Scholarship Fund
Roy S. and Helen Magruder Endowed Scholarship 
Ruben Montiel, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund for Civil Engineering
Sally W. Rosen Endowed Scholarship in Foreign Language Education
Sam A. Donaldson Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Sandy Tyler Endowed Fellowship in Business Administration 
Sandy Tyler Endowed Fellowship in Health Sciences 
Selden Leavell Endowed Scholarship 
Shields Engineering Scholarship 
Shiloff Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Sidney and Eleanor Mayer Scholarship Fund 
Sierra Title Company Inc. Endowed Scholarship 
Sjoerd Steunebrink Scholarship Endowment 
State Farm Insurance Company Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Steve and Betsy Palko Presidential Scholarship Endowment for the College of Engineering
Structural Engineers Association of Texas, El Paso Chapter Endowed Scholarship
Student General Property Deposit Fund - University of Texas El Paso
Sue and Charles Zaltz Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Sunturians Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Texas Graduate Nurses Association Scholarship and Loan Fund 
Texas Instruments Foundation Endowed Scholarship 
Texas S. Ward Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Thad A. Steele Sr. Football Endowed Scholarship 
The Albert Lauts Memorial Scholarship Fund 
The American Society for Quality Control Section 1401 Scholarship Fund
The Anheuser-Busch Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund 
The Brooks Dawson Memorial Scholarship 
The Bruce Davidson Memorial Graduate Student Award Fund 
The C. H. Leavell-George Matkin Scholarship Fund 
The Captain James R. Valtr Memorial Scholarship Fund 
The Charles R. Carter Memorial Athletic Endowment Fund 
The Chevrolet Scholarship 
The Downtown Lions/John Phelan Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund
The Evelyn Lincoln Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The George W. and Helen Keffer Scott Scholarship Fund 
The Gnauck-Frasier Endowed Excellence Fund 
The Harry Spitz Memorial Scholarship Fund 
The James H. and Minnie M. Edmonds Scholarship Endowment 
The Jesse O. Yates Endowment Fund for Health Related Programs
The Jimmie Vokes Bernard Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The John Kellogg Creighton History Memorial Fund 
The John M. Levosky Endowed Scholarship Fund for Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
The Josefina A. Salas-Porras Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Juan and Carmen Job Scholarship Fund 
The Judith and Abraham Winters - B'nai B'rith Women Scholarship Endowment
The Junior League Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The Lanward Foundation Endowed Graduate Fellowship Fund 
The Maxon Family Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The Michael J. Shea Memorial Scholarship Fund 
The Michael P. Burns Memorial Scholarship Fund 
The O'Rourke Family Scholarship 
The Roy and Keith Chapman Endowed Presidential Scholarship Fund
The Shelton Family Endowed Scholarship Fund 
The Woman's Auxiliary of the University of Texas at El Paso Endowment Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Woman's Auxiliary of UTEP Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund
Thelma E. Morris Endowed Graduate Scholarship for Pathobiology
Thelma E. Morris Endowed Graduate Scholarship Fund 
Thelma Elenor Morris Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Theodor H. Troller Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Theta Delta Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Thomas R. and Gigi G. Hancock Endowed Geophysics Scholarship Fund
Tom and Gerry Laird Porter Endowed Scholarship in Finance 
Tom and Mary Alice Prendergast Endowed Scholarship 
Tomas T. and Ernestina Santoscoy Endowment Fund 
Tommye J. Duncan Endowed Presidential Scholarship 
Univision Department of Communication Endowed Scholarship Fund
UTEP Alumni Association-Student Association Endowed Scholarship Fund
UTEP Partners Staff Scholarship Endowment Fund 
UTEP Student Government Association Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Vera Wise Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Vernon G. and Joy Hunt Endowed Scholarship Fund in Geology 
Vietnam Veterans of America/Chapter 574 Scholarship 
Virginia G. Banos Endowed Scholarship Fund 
W. P. Nash Scholarship Fund 
Wells Fargo Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Wells Fargo University Endowed Scholarship Fund 
West El Paso Memorial Disabled Veterans Scholarship 
William and LaVoyne Newman and Family Endowed Scholarship 
William K. Hill Endowed Scholarship for Music 
William L. Staley Fund 
William S. Strain Geology Fund 
Woman's Auxiliary of UTEP Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Yazbik and Rosalie Daw Endowed Scholarship 
Young Matron's Auxiliary of the Woman's Club of El Paso Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ysleta Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship Fund